Sunday, December 29

I want to be with you - AAAA

I was excited when you call me .
and told me to go to your place .
I prepare myself to make it perfect
and I came up with a smile .

You're watching a movie that you really like ,
and that you always do ,
I always remember what you always say,
that the door should be locked.

I hold your hand ,
I hug you tightly,
I kiss your lips ,
and I want to be with you forever .

I express my feeling ,
I told you I love you ,
I wish you were there ,
when I need you .

The next day I text you ,
I would like to know and ask you
who I am in your heart
and you did not tell the truth .

you end our story with a painful ,
you want to stop what we are doing,
and it hurts me ,
when you do not give me a chance to prove it.

but what you said before ,
do not tell me what you think ,
because we continue to do the same thing ,
and I let it happen .

I hope that one day,
you tell me what is in your hearts ,
because now I am able to accept it,
if we should go our own direction .

pssst...rasa banyak salah dari betul...cuba luahkan dalam bahasa yang jarang dipakai...bukan nak lagak mcm omputih ye..huhu...thx google translate..hahah..

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